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Console/Development Tools


Console application to convert an ASCII text file into an EBCDIC text file

Concatenation 32 (FREE)

Console application which takes a list of files and concatenates them into one, with a specified file name.

Concatenation Text (FREE)

Console application which takes a list of text files and merges them together with or without bookmarks as a specified file name.

Copy Enhanced (FREE)

Console application to take a specific list of files and move or copy them to a given location.

Date Name (FREE)

Console application used to rename file(s) with a specified date and/or time embedded in the name. Formatting options are available.

Date Checker (FREE)

Console application which checks the date of a specified file and returns errorlevels based on the requested criteria.

Delete Plus (FREE)

Console application to delete a specified list of files.


Console application to convert and EBCDIC text file into an ASCII text file.

Error Line Extractor (FREE)

Console application that takes a range of parameters and criteria to extract text lines from error or report outputs.

Format Filename (FREE)

Console application to deal with spaces and capitalization issues in file names.

Format Text (FREE)

Console application to convert and format between HTML-PDB-TXT file types.

PDA Document Namer (FREE)

Console application which reads the document name from a Palm DOC file, and renames the file to that name.

Quick Zipper (FREE)

Console utility to recurse and store a program folder tree with only the code and pertinent files, leaving the compilable objects out of the archive. Uses InfoZip's library.

Text Searcher (FREE)

Console application which searches for text strings in text files and archives with text files.

Web Index Doc (FREE)

Console application that can search a folder tree and generate web pages for viewing all the documents found.

Database Tools

Generate Data (FREE)

Windows GUI application designed to generate random data with specified parameters. Can generate valid-appearing credit card numbers, phone numbers, and other types of uniquely formatted information. Completely configurable! Uses ODBC connections to interrogate table information, and suggest formats and column definitions.