FirstMark Consulting

FirstMark Services for Business

We are experienced developers and solution providers for small businesses, corporations, and manufacturing facilities. As an independent contractor, and over 20 years of experience, our senior-level expertise can provide you with any of the following services:

Solution Integration

Analyze your existing applications, your business processes, and the funding you have available and work with minimal code and off-the-shelf software to leverage your investment into an efficient and productive environment.

Application Development

With our skills in C/C++, VB, PHP, and other platform specific coding languages, we can develop an application set that will satisfy a specific need, from the design phase to the finished product. We also have skills in writing user documentation and training and are very familiar with the SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle).

Database Enterprises

Whether you have databases across multiple platforms, or you want to consolidate your data resources with access limitations enforced, or your current database system is in need of fine-tuning and tweaking, we can utilize our many years of experience with the Microsoft SQL platform and MySQL to hone and streamline your data needs. We can also help you through a transition or upgrade from previous versions of your database server to a more current platform. Whether it's development, migration, implementation, management, or documentation, we can help you through any or all the data processes.

Web Development

We have used PHP/MySQL on both the Windows and Linux platforms for several years to help small businesses with their web presence, and construct Intranet services within a large corporation infrastructure. This open-source combination provides affordable and powerful web-based presence potential, not to mention it is still the most prolific method used globally today. With our experience using these tools and the Windows platform, we can convert your Frontpage-based web sites to a more universally deployable format.

FirstMark Services for Home

As an independent consultant, we have worked out of a home office, managing updates, software migrations, installations, and networking (wired and wireless) for our own business and personal uses. From home-schooling the kids, to managing his wife's electronic photography hobby, to tracking his business needs and assets, FirstMark's Mark has explored and perfected the art of home-computing. Now that expertise is available to you.

Not only is this service now available to the home user, but you do not have to bring in your system. We will come to you and make sure your need is functioning where you want it, without having to rely on whether all the connections are properly made due to miscommunications, or not understaning exactly what is on your screen at the time of service. This eliminates the steps that often cause more problems than they fix!

Internet Help

Need to get on-line? We can research and advise the best bang-for-the-buck for your internet service needs. Having trouble talking to the support technician? We can "translate" for you and get you up and running in no time.
How about internet software? We can help you select, configure, and install browsers, file transfer applications, instant messaging, email, social networking, security, virus protection, and many other on-line services and activities.


Are you one of those many homes that has more than one computer? Would you like them to use the same printer, internet connection, or storage area? We can help with hardware, software, and configuration to get all your PC's in communication. We will work with wireless or wired LAN (local area network) options to get you the best speed and most reliable network up and running. Our experience with our own home networking needs through business support, home-schooling, on-line college, and various other applications can help you quickly and efficiently link your needs with an affordable solution.

Installations & Upgrades

Just bought some software and need it installed? Need your current software updated? Call us. We can quickly get it installed and working without loss of data. If a migration of data is needed, we can help you with that also, by doing it for you, or walking you through the steps. There is also a lot of "open-source" (free!) software available either through internet downloads, or through a local source that can be a bit intimidating when first trying to get it installed and working. Our association with the open-source community gives us diverse resources and know-how to get these products up and running, saving you time and money!

Microsoft Alternatives

Ok, everyone that can't stand Microsoft Vista (or has high blood pressure from the frustration of using it) raise your hand! There are alternatives. Do you know that the Linux desktop has a graphic interface that is easy to navigate and very intuitive? Do you know that most of the Linux distributions come with complete software packages that are free (open-source) and 100% compatible with Microsoft Office data? We have set up many PCs to use the free Linux operating system, and also can migrate most of your data needs over to the new platform. We can also setup a Windows subsystem on the Linux desktop that will often run any application that works with Windows XP or before. If you truly want to rid yourself of the dependence on Microsoft and their ever-changing platform, we can help you make the switch. You don't even have to upgrade your hardware--Linux can efficiently and smoothly run on computers dating back to the mid 1990's with very little configuration issues.


We train on the following software products (if it isn't listed, just ask about it):
  • Microsoft Office
  • OpenOffice (Microsoft Alternative)
  • Windows XP
  • Linux Desktop (Microsoft Alternative)
  • A myriad of open-source applications--Just ask
  • Paint Shop Pro and others like it.