Mark Mountcastle


After 20+ years in the computer software technology field, We are offering our expertise to the home user and small business. FirstMark Consulting is seeking opportunities to help people overcome the intimidation, and confusion that often accompanies new technologies as they grow and change everyday.
We can help you upgrade, set up home and business networks, do web sites, or any thorny problem you may be experiencing. We can train, coach, and even advise before you launch into a new purchase.
If you are just plain tired of the Microsoft world or want to keep your old hardware up and active and want to find a more affordable and dependable graphic interface, we can introduce you to the world of Linux. Transitions from the Windows platform to the Linux desktop are surprisingly easy, and with my coaching, you can move and retain all of the data you have produced onto the new platform.


We make house-calls! How many times have you brought your PC in to have a virus purged, or software installed, or some other maintenance, only to get it back home to find that it doesn't work there! We like to work in the environment in which it will be used.
We do web support! -- This means that if we can answer your question through email, or our (soon to be active) troubleshooting forum, it's a freebie! (home users only)
We do phone support! -- For a modest annual fee, we can be available to answer questions, or help you troubleshoot a problem over the phone.
We do installations! -- Whatever your business or home needs in the way of installing new software, upgrading existing software, setting up wired/wireless networks, VoIP installations, or migrating data from one source to another, we can be there to do it for you, or guide you through the process.

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